Business Information Systems


Consulting Team

At BearingPoint graduates join the core consulting team.  Membership of this multi-disciplinary team gives you a grounding in the fundamental skills of both technology and management consulting. Not only does this give BearingPoint consultants more rounded experience, it also allows you to identify where your strengths lie and which aspects of consulting you enjoy the most. 

Your background

  • You study business information systems, business, economic and social studies (BESS), management science and information systems studies (MSISS), computer science with strong business knowledge or a commerce degree with technical knowledge
  • Relate how business processes, systems and people need to be aligned to achieve business value
  • Like analysing data and generating new insights and problem solving to drive real world results in either a technology or business sphere
  • Take a logical, structured approach to your work
  • Have a strong interest in how companies and organisations adapt and evolve to meet their business needs and challenges
  • Enjoy developing business ideas which translate into bottom line results
  • Have proven management, interpersonal and presentation skills as well as commercial and financial appreciation

Your role as a member of the Core Consulting Team

You will have the opportunity to leverage and develop your core consulting skills to help customers translate their business strategies into actionable projects and programmes. You will have the opportunity to work within a range of industries and across different service lines to get a taste of the the width and depth of the consulting industry. You will work with customers to develop roadmaps and initiatives to improve their business performance. You will engage with the customer at senior levels as a trusted advisor in terms of tactical and operational efficiencies.

Typical projects

Oil & Gas Major

For over 10 years we have been working with, amongst others, one of the world’s largest oil and gas corporations delivering a range of projects and transformations including: operational strategy, mergers & acquisitions, performance improvement, change management, supply chain, finance transformation, and IT advisory. Our consultants are involved in international programs as well as UK based projects sharing both management consulting skills and technical expertise for highly complex multi-million dollar programs.

Retail Banking

For over eight years we have been helping a large retail bank to deliver exciting and complex initiatives that are shaping the retail banking industry. We successfully manage projects from strategy to execution across digital, marketing, operations and IT advisory in the UK, USA and continental Europe. This client values our consumer insight and deep understanding of their business that our long-term relationship has provided. As a trusted advisor we are able to drive strategic change and create real value for the client.

Government Departments

BearingPoint works closely with the UK Governmental departments to deliver transformation. Currently one of our key roles is to provide analytical assessment to improve the logistic support to the Front Line services by delivering improved reliability, availability and operational effect whilst driving down on costs. Underpinning this effort is the need for an end-to-end and through-life view of assets that reduces total costs of ownership, optimises logistic support solutions. We have helped to achieve millions of cost savings.