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Meet Matt, Senior Consultant

Meet Matt

My Role

Senior Technology Consultant is a broad sounding title for a reason. In my time at BearingPoint I’ve had roles ranging from data architect, lead developer, business analyst, strategic advisor, test manager, technical trainer to automotive integration engineer. Outside of project work, I work with senior management on business development opportunities for HyperCube, BearingPoint’s big data analysis solution that provides actionable and valuable results to a diverse selection of clients.

Normal Day

A typical day can be hard to define, particularly on my current project. I am currently an Integration Engineer for a luxury automotive manufacturer, responsible for ensuring new products are ready from a technical stand point as they expand to new markets. I manage multiple projects with over 15 different suppliers spanning 9 time zones and can find myself anywhere from Moscow to Dallas, on the shop floor of a factory to a secure call centre. Despite where I might be, the day is typically filled with status meetings, design workshops, project planning and preparation, conversations and problem solving, reviews and presentations. All whilst making sure the client is happy, your team members are kept challenged and the team delivers together.

Outside the office

Having a life outside of consulting is important. I play Bass Guitar and Trumpet but currently the majority of my time is spent training on my road bike to qualify for “Club des Cinglés du Mont-Ventoux”, roughly translated as the Club of the Crazies of Mont-Ventoux, requiring three ascents of the 1,500m French mountain in one day.

Why BearingPoint

The work is constantly changing, the clients are varied and the people are fantastic. The learning curve for new skills and knowledge is steep but the support and opportunities are available for you to take advantage of. BearingPoint is an excellent place to build a career as a consultant, which is rewarding and challenging in equal measure.