Meet Jayesh, Consultant

Meet Jayesh

My Role

I joined BearingPoint in February 2014 as a Management Analyst in the Core Consulting Team. As a consultant I am fortunate to have the opportunity to be exposed to a wide variety of roles and industries allowing me to gather not only a wide range of skills and experience, but also to understand and define where I would like to develop my career in the longer term.

Since joining, I have worked on two projects and am currently working on the implementation of a multi-tenant Business Support System on the cloud for a multinational telecommunications client. My role on this project is as a PMO and some of my responsibilities include conducting weekly status reports, facilitating meetings (both internal and client), and managing the financial aspects of the project. As part of this role I work very closely with the project manager, enabling me to learn a vast amount whilst gaining excellent senior management and client exposure.

BearingPoint encourages proactivity and Management Analysts are encouraged to get involved with internal activities from day one. This could involve a variety of tasks ranging from knowledge sharing with your fellow colleagues to crucial support roles on client proposals. During my first few weeks of joining, I managed a marketing campaign which was part of BearingPoint’s regulatory reporting solution offerings and I liaised with subject matter experts in Germany and contributed to the publication of a brochure, which is now shared with many high profile clients.

Normal Day

What I enjoy most about consulting is the fact that there will never be a routine day. There will always be a challenge around the corner to keep me on my toes so that I am constantly learning new skills and developing my experience.

On my current project, I tend to start my day off by reviewing the project plan and action pad to see if there is anything that needs to be followed up. I then go through my emails and calendar whilst planning out the day ahead. On such a large project with teams in 4 European countries, there are so many different tasks and activities happening and you never know what new exciting challenges you may face each day. Due to the nature of the PMO role it is very important that I am organised and efficient in my tasks as well as constantly in sync with the project manager.

Outside the office

My passion is music! I am a drummer and percussionist and I love listening to as well as performing music. I am currently in a band and we regularly meet to rehearse and record some of our very own music. I also enjoy playing sports, in particular football and badminton. My weekends are spent socialising and catching up with friends, I am not the type to sit-down on the sofa and watch some TV at the weekend, I need to be out and about having a laugh and engaging in fun activities!

Why BearingPoint

There are three main reasons I chose BearingPoint; firstly, the opportunity to work in a variety of roles and industries. This allows you to gain a wide range of experience and skills whilst helping you determine where your interest and passion lies. Secondly, the people are fantastic. The BearingPoint team is very dynamic and fun, everyone is approachable and more than happy to share project experiences and to support and help the development of others. We also have social events which gives everyone the chance to get away from their desks, wind down and get to know one another better. Last but not least, I love the open and collaborative culture; developing and sharing innovative ideas is encouraged at all levels and we have a very flat structure, with everyone both valued and trusted.