Core Consulting Team

Your role as a member of the Core Consulting Team

As a graduate, intern or student placement you will join our Core Consulting Team. Membership of this multi-disciplinary team gives you a grounding in the fundamental skills of both technology and management consulting. Not only does the CCT provide you with a more rounded experience, it also helps you to identify where your strengths lie and which aspects of consulting you enjoy most.

You will have the opportunity to leverage and develop your consulting skills to help customers translate their business strategies into actionable projects and programmes. You will have the opportunity to work across a range of industries and different service lines in the consulting industry. You will work with customers to develop roadmaps and initiatives to improve their business performance. You will also engage with the customer at senior levels as a trusted advisor in terms of tactical and operational efficiencies.

To supplement your consulting project work and develop your profile across the business, a number of internal roles are available to members of the core consulting team. These roles can vary from providing support at marketing and campus events, to supporting business development activities, training, CSR initiatives and organising sports and social events.

You will also have numerous learning opportunities where you will gain both personal and delivery skills according to our changing clients’ requirements.

Build a rewarding career