Diversity and inclusion

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BearingPoint is committed to embedding diversity and inclusion in all we do. At BearingPoint, we want diversity to be part of the everyday.

To us, diversity is about having a workforce composed of the widest range of people and talent; a mix that reflects the make-up of the markets and communities we serve. Inclusion is about creating an environment where everyone, regardless of gender, age, family status, ethnicity or background, can be themselves at work and build a rewarding career.

We strongly believe that promoting diversity and inclusion is integral to the achievement of our ambitious goals for growth by 2020.

We are committed to generating awareness and understanding at all levels of the challenges associated with diversity. Diversity sponsors and leaders from our leadership and HR teams shape the agenda and, with the support of a network of diversity champions acting as a sounding board, set priorities for diversity and inclusion every year.

This year, again, we showed progress in reaching our diversity and inclusion objectives through the delivery of a range of measures.

Gender diversity

Gender diversity remains a priority. We aim to improve the proportion of women across the firm, and we are addressing this in an open and transparent way.

We pay particular attention to the development of female consultants, and we have a Women’s Leadership Program dedicated to the advancement of female consultants. This year, we launched a women’s network called BE Empowered, sponsored by senior female leaders acting as role models. This network gives a platform to women to connect with other female colleagues, offer support to each other and determine an agenda on which to engage with our leaders. The network also provides networking and social opportunities to meet and discuss business themes as well as professional development.

Beyond diversity

BearingPoint is a welcoming and inclusive place to work for LGBTQ people.

Be Proud is BearingPoint’s LGBTQ affinity network. It is a community open to all staff, that ensures working as an LGBTQ person in BearingPoint is a comfortable experience, offering equal development and career opportunities and that BearingPoint provides a social atmosphere that embraces LGBTQ culture.


We have extended our diversity and inclusion agenda beyond the focus on gender:

Work-life balance – Flexibility is integral to the way we work with clients and each other. We recognise that all of us have commitments outside of work and we believe that respect for a healthy work life balance, is key to realising potential. We have adopted a series of standards on flexibility, including working part-time, working from home and “”buying”” additional holiday. These standards are the first step of a larger reflection on how to offer a more flexible workplace to our people.

Health and well-being – we offer regular yoga, meditation and Alexander Technique classes for all our employees.

Ethnicity – we embrace all cultures and celebrate different ethnic festivals in the office.

Parents and carers – we hold “Bring your kids to work” events where parents are encouraged to bring their children into work and spend time and network with other parents whilst their children get the opportunity to see their parents’ work environment and have enjoy an afternoon with a children’s entertainer.

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