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Belonging at BearingPoint

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BearingPoint is committed to embedding diversity and inclusion in all we do. At BearingPoint, we want diversity to be part of the everyday.

To us, diversity is about having a workforce composed of the widest range of people and talent; a mix that reflects the make-up of the markets and communities we serve. Inclusion is about creating an environment where everyone, regardless of gender, age, family status, ethnicity, or background, can be themselves at work and build a rewarding career.

We are committed to generating awareness and understanding at all levels of the challenges associated with diversity. Diversity sponsors and leaders from our leadership and HR teams shape the agenda and, with the support of our Diversity & Inclusion team, set priorities for diversity and inclusion every year. 

This year, again, we showed progress in reaching our diversity and inclusion objectives through the delivery of a range of measures, including Lunch & Learn sessions run by our colleagues and external speakers.


Belonging at BearingPoint

At BearingPoint, we have focused on celebrating our colleague’s diverse backgrounds and stories of how they came to consulting. In 2021 we held our first Social Mobility Lunch & Learn, a panel-style event which invited colleagues to share their experiences including many of the partner team.

We actively monitor diversity statistics in our workforce, adopting a data-based approach to inform our policy and development of new DIVE (Diversity, Inclusion, Variety and Equality) initiatives. For example:

  • Our firmwide People Survey collects insights on perceived belonging, psychological safety and levels of engagement,
  • Our annual DIVE Surveys collect insights into the experience of employees which we use to inform processes and structures to improve the employee journey from recruitment onward,
  • We have established four key ‘affinity initiatives’, each tasked with addressing different aspects of diversity and inclusion. These groups provide a safe space for their members, as well as promoting ally networks and collaboration in ways that benefit all of our employees:

Ability@BearingPoint advocates for prevention and seek to contribute to a culture where health issues can be addressed

More@BearingPoint (Minorities of Religion and Ethnicity) raises awareness that racial and religious discrimination are still happening in this world and aims to start a conversation about it
Proud@BearingPoint brings together LGBTQ+ people and allies that think it should not make a difference whom you love and which gender you identify with

Women@BearingPoint is a network for learning, connecting, and advocating for higher representation in the workforce. Female Acceleration is a priority topic for BearingPoint’s 2025 Strategy.

Gender diversity

BearingPoint is passionate about making sure our people feel like they belong, and that our work environment and culture is inclusive and supportive of diversity. We believe that the benefits of a diverse workforce are valuable to our staff as individuals and to the company as a wholeWith this in mind, BearingPoint has established a firmwide DIVE council, nominated a designated Management Committee Sponsor and a firmwide DIVE Sponsor, and is actively working to identify new initiatives to promote and embed Diversity and Inclusion.

We have established country-level Women@BearingPoint networks and are undertaking holistic, national Female Acceleration surveys to identify issues locally and target the most appropriate initiatives to address the issues and challenges we identify as a result of that feedback.

We run firmwide Female Acceleration events based around International Women’s Day, celebrating inspirational female leaders in our client network and in our firm.

We run awareness-raising activities around Women’s Health Week, highlighting the impact that women’s health issues can have on career development.


BearingPoint is a welcoming and inclusive place to work for LGBTQ people.

Be Proud is BearingPoint’s LGBTQ affinity network. It is a community open to all staff, that ensures working as an LGBTQ person in BearingPoint is a comfortable experience, offering equal development and career opportunities and that BearingPoint provides a social atmosphere that embraces LGBTQ culture.

We have run a number of sessions to celebrate our LGBTQ colleagues and create an open, supportive environment. These include Lunch & Learn sessions, where our LGBTQ colleagues shared their own personal stories as well as creating our very own interactive LGBTQ timeline to celebrate LGBTQ figures and advances throughout  UK history


Ability@BearingPoint is a firm-wide community consisting of, but not limited to, BearingPoint people with physical disabilities, chronic illnesses and mental health issues that strive to create awareness and inclusion.


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