Frequently Asked Questions


About us

How many people are there in the entire company?
Who are BearingPoint’s global alliance partners?
How many offices does BearingPoint have around the world?
What countries does BearingPoint have offices in?
What are the company’s latest revenue figures?
What industries does BearingPoint work in?
There are lots of consulting firms out there, what’s different about BearingPoint?



What is the selection process for entry-level hires (Graduate Analysts) at BearingPoint?
Do I need a degree and if so, in which subject area?
What is BearingPoint looking for?
What is the starting salary?
What happens after I join?
What kind of projects will I work on?


Oxford Business School

What is the aim of the programme?
How can I embed the programme in my work?
Are there exams/ theses include?
What kind of degree do we receive upon completion of the programme?
Where can I find more information about the course?
I am only a 1st year Senior Consultant, can I attend as well?




What training do you offer?
How many training hours am I allowed a year?
What benefits do you have?
Are overseas opportunities available?
Can I apply for several positions at one time?
What do your leadership team look for in new hires?
Do I get to travel?