Insurance project



Type of client: UK insurance provider

Aim of the project: to deliver increased revenues from its contact center operations through ActiveManager.

For this project, BearingPoint combined forces to drive greater revenue generation through their client’s front-office contact center telephone agents. To do this, BearingPoint utilised ActiveManager, a unique solution which seeks to optimize productivity in front-line staff by developing the management competencies of the first-line managers and strengthen performance management processes across the operation.

Project delivery: BearingPoint combined quantitative data analysis with qualitative assessments of the client’s business, spending time with the workforce to understand processes and identify opportunities to improve. After presenting back to the client, BearingPoint’s ActiveManager specialists tailor the content of the programme for the client’s needs based on the analysis work undertaken. Consultants then deliver key training on the ActiveManager methodology and support the in-house coaching team. The ultimate aim of the engagement is to change behaviours and develop a management framework which enables the first-line managers to increase the level of time they spend engaging with their teams to drive performance improvements.

Outcome: BearingPoint worked together with the insurance partner to increase their revenues by over 11% in a manner which will continue to deliver greater benefit long after the engagement.