Learn more about some of the projects we’ve delivered for our clients.

Financial Services

Robotic Process Automation

Type of client: Global financial services provider

Aim of the project: Due to the increased operational inefficiencies, experience by the organisation as a result of significant business growth in recent years, the client was looking for support in defining its strategy and implementing Robotic Process Automation (RPA). The main objectives were to achieve a reduction in costs and improve customer service through processing efficiencies, reduction of human errors and better customer engagement.

Project delivery: The BearingPoint team worked closely with the client to conduct an initial assessment of RPA solution options and identify opportunities for process automation. The team was involved in delivering a Pilot automated process, followed by an initiation of a full-scale robotic transformation programme. BearingPoint helped the client to shape the RPA roadmap, select the right RPA solution for their business needs and guided them in developing in-house RPA capabilities.

Outcome: The client is now on course not only to deliver significant financial savings but also achieve a substantial change in the way it manages its business operations – combining modern technologies with a dynamic human workforce.





Type of client: UK insurance provider

Aim of the project: to deliver increased revenues from its contact center operations through ActiveManager.

For this project, BearingPoint combined forces to drive greater revenue generation through their client’s front-office contact center telephone agents. To do this, BearingPoint utilised ActiveManager, a unique solution which seeks to optimize productivity in front-line staff by developing the management competencies of the first-line managers and strengthen performance management processes across the operation.

Project delivery: BearingPoint combined quantitative data analysis with qualitative assessments of the client’s business, spending time with the workforce to understand processes and identify opportunities to improve. After presenting back to the client, BearingPoint’s ActiveManager specialists tailor the content of the programme for the client’s needs based on the analysis work undertaken. Consultants then deliver key training on the ActiveManager methodology and support the in-house coaching team. The ultimate aim of the engagement is to change behaviours and develop a management framework which enables the first-line managers to increase the level of time they spend engaging with their teams to drive performance improvements.

Outcome: BearingPoint worked together with the insurance partner to increase their revenues by over 11% in a manner which will continue to deliver greater benefit long after the engagement.


Manufacturing Project


Type of client: European Beverage Manufacturer

Aim of Project: The aim of the project was to simplify the European network without losing any of the client’s brand and service differentiation.

Project delivery: BearingPoint worked with all stakeholders across all markets, central and all functions. BearingPoint detailed fact based diagnostics to define and quantify all issues and options and provided modelling for each option.

Outcome: The client saw an exponential reduction in complexity and reduced the amount of distribution centres significantly. The client also switched from inventory push to a pull approach, delivering 42% inventory reduction over 18 months.


Retail Project


Type of Client: UK Electronics Retailer

Aim of Project: To generate inventory insight through product analytics and create visibility of supply chain costs from buying through to delivery to the store and to the customer. To also review the future growth projections and develop a recommended network design solution.

Project Delivery: The BearingPoint team analysed product and range mix, accounting for fundamentally different channel economics. BearingPoint also generated visibility of costs across the full product range by channel, geography, and service offer through development of a handover Cost to Serve model. BearingPoint enabled selection of a preferred future network option through a Network Modelling tool.

Outcome: BearingPoint found opportunities to reduce working capital in inventory by 18% and liberated retail space from ineffective products. BearingPoint were able to help the client gain full visibility of the costs  throughout the supply chain. A quantified scenario modelling enabled the client to select an option to reduce variable supply chain costs by 14%.



Target operating model

Type of client: UK utilities provider

Aim of the programme: Design a new Target Operating Model for the client to ensure that it is able to deliver services to the customer which meet regulatory requirements and operating cost pressures.

Project delivery: Blending subject matter experts with management consultants, BearingPoint penned a strategic recommendation providing the client with a series of prioritised options designed to meet their objectives. This included market and competitor analysis alongside internal stakeholder views. Following a series of interviews and workshops, BearingPoint were able to provide a singular view from which the business could move forward, and an implementation plan for delivering the proposed option.

Outcome: BearingPoint’s strategic recommendation was ratified by the board and were reengaged to oversee the delivery of the suggested outcome. This included designing and project managing a tender for managed service provision. BearingPoint engaged with the market, leveraging BearingPoint contacts, and ultimately delivered high-quality pieces of work to prevent significant financial penalties for not meeting the regulation, whilst ensuring that customers ultimately received a higher quality of service. BearingPoint’s understanding of innovative solutions in the customer experience space, as well as understanding industry best practices through previous projects, enabled them to add real value to the project and achieve a better outcome. This was undertaken against major time pressures, however through effective project and stakeholder BearingPoint worked with the client to exceed their expectations.