Meet Panagiota

Manager - Digital & Strategy

Through the years and as I looked to grow within the Management consulting profession, my aspiration grew for being more involved into business development and enhancing my knowledge of running the business. BearingPoint supported me through that shift of career focus by offering me extensive training and a tailored development platform that equipped me with the rights skills and capabilities to fulfil my new role. It was very motivating and encouraging to see that the company you work for is ready and willing to offer the support structure necessary for its employees to grow and to also invest time and resources, place a bet on you as a person and be determined to make a success of it.  Being offered a place into the Accelerated Development Programme, work shadowing, coaching and mentoring and one-to-one training not only offered me the opportunity to realise my aspiration but to also inspire others who were looking for a career shift but didn’t quite know where to start

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