Meet Alexandra

Senior Business Analyst - Operations

With all the opportunities and trainings offered you really have the ability to develop and shape your career here!


My Role

I am currently on the Retail team as a Senior Analyst working on optimising Product Lifecycle Management. At BearingPoint there are always a variety of projects in different industries and service lines and you will have the opportunity to work on both client and internal business development projects. You will be quickly given your own workstream and as we strive to deliver excellence for our clients you should be driven to make a difference, confident to challenge our clients when necessary and a great communicator. Consulting gives you the opportunity to be both analytical and creative, working with client data whilst using your storytelling skills to display outcomes in a clear way. As an Analyst you are part of the Core Consulting Team which gives you the opportunity to take on development roles to extend your knowledge and expertise in specific industries or service lines. In addition, you will be able to attend training sessions such as demand planning in Supply Chain, improving your SQL or presentation skills. With all the opportunities and trainings offered you really have the ability to develop and shape your career here!

Normal Day

A normal day in our industry depends entirely on the project that you are working on. For the last few months I have been on client site Mondays to Thursdays. Our team usually aims to be in the office by 8.30am where we would run through any upcoming meetings and priorities of the day. At the beginning of a project we usually work closely with the client team to analyse their current ways of working and improvement opportunities. You could then have further stakeholder meetings where the focus is on the progress of the project, the next steps and risks. No day is the same and you could be asked to present to the Heads of or deliver training to the client, opportunities that improve your skillsets and makes our work so exciting. In the afternoon, I would work on my actions and feedback from the previous meetings and put together presentations. We would then go out for dinner with the team or I try to go to the gym. My Fridays are usually spent organising the week ahead and working on internal projects for which there are a range of opportunities such as organising new joiner inductions, going to recruiting and industry events or developing propositions. It is also a good day to catch up with colleagues over lunch or for a drink in the evening.

Outside the office

Outside the office I try to make the most of London with its great variety of restaurants, food markets and events. If I want to slow down in such a fast-paced city I take yoga classes and have just rediscovered playing tennis with my friends which is both relaxing and great fun. I also love travelling and on vacation you might find me snowboarding in Austria or hiking the Salkantay trek to Macchu Picchu. This spring I plan to explore the Lake District on a weekend which is not far away from my current project – one of the perks of travelling for work!

Why BearingPoint

Coming from a huge company I really appreciate the smaller size of the London office where you get to know all your colleagues. From day one I had support from colleagues and my development manager regarding personal learning and development. You will be given responsibility and client exposure from the beginning which is a great opportunity to enhance your consulting competencies. Another aspect that I value at BearingPoint is the focus on equality which is promoted by everyone. The office organises regular Partner lunches as you are encouraged as an Analyst to voice your opinion and make an impact within the firm. Another example is the Core Consulting Team, where we regularly meet up to discuss internal learning and improvement opportunities. At BearingPoint there is a huge emphasis on great office culture and team work. During projects you will most likely work with different teams away from home so working with supportive colleagues makes all the difference. We are a very diverse team with different backgrounds, but we all share similar values, are great team players and fun to be around. This is also reflected in our Sports and Social Club where we plan events once a month, such as the Oktoberfest, Crazy Golf or Comedy Clubs, to get to know our colleagues that are on different projects.

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