Meet Amber Sukhera

Amber Sukhera
Technology Advisor

Being a Technology Advisor is a fun and challenging role

My Role

Being a Technology Advisor is a fun and challenging role. Since joining BE, I have had the opportunity to work in the areas of Technical Project Management, Technical Analysis, Business Requirements Management, Testing and Leading Design & Development. I have worked across several industries including: public services, financial services and of late the telco. industry. I have thoroughly enjoyed my varied projects and have built up a wealth of experience over the years.

Normal Day

Typically “normal” days don’t exist in Consultancy life. This is the most appealing factor of Consultancy life to me! As consultants we get the opportunity to work on an exciting diverse range of projects. I am currently working on a large telecommunication project as a Test Lead with the team split across four European countries. As a test lead, it is important to understand the discipline of testing and how to effectively implement a testing process whilst fulfilling the traditional leadership role.

A “typical” day at present starts with status meetings, sprint planning, followed by planning test scripts, preparing for testing, testing the solution whilst looking out for root causes, working with developers on bugs, reviewing test scripts and creating & presenting testing related presentations – all whilst maintaining client satisfaction. At the heart of all the tasks that I carry out is problem solving. As a team, we endeavour to deliver quality software whilst supporting client needs and ensuring that the project is delivered successfully within time and budget.

Outside the office

I enjoy relaxing with friends and family in almost any activity (shopping, sports, movie and my favourite! – dining). I am a keen photographer and enjoy capturing scintillating landscapes. I also enjoy travelling and understanding local cultures and languages whilst often awestruck by fascinating architecture. In my opinion, the key to every great thing is to strike harmony right, and a consultancy lifestyle is no exception!

Why BearingPoint

Two main reasons: culture and variety of work. If you enjoy learning new things, then BearingPoint is a great company to be part of. Generally, consultancy is all about being able to adapt quickly and learning new things. BearingPoint offers the right mix of a diverse range of clients whilst working on interesting and challenging technical and non-technical consultancy projects.

The people here exude warmth and are always willing to support and provide guidance. As a team we are always striving to achieve excellence in all we do. The experiences of every individual is cultivated together in delivering innovative and sustained solutions to our clients. Regardless of the level you join the firm you are valued and trusted and this has definitely motivated me to push boundaries. As a team we are very serious about our work, but we also know how to have fun here! 

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