Meet Charlie Sorensen

Charlie Sorensen

There is genuine variety available across the industries we serve and the services that we offer and you have the ability to make what you want of your role


My Role

BearingPoint consultants come from a range of academic and occupational backgrounds, combining their experiences with the core consulting skills that we develop to deliver excellence for our clients. In practice, this means that whether you’re on a project making strategic recommendations for a Utilities company, project managing in the digital arm of an Automotive giant or improving the operation of a Financial Services company, you are agile, driven and confident enough to make a difference. All of the above are projects which I was involved with in my first year with the firm; there is genuine variety available across the industries we serve and the services that we offer, and you have the ability to make what you want of your role.

Normal Day

A normal day depends entirely on the project that you are on. My role has taken me across three continents and plenty of the counties in the British Isles, working with household names across a range of industries. Days will be a mixture of client interaction, independent work and team activities in search of the deliverable that our client demands and deserves. There will be plenty of days that will involve training, either on a core product, a method of working or on general business acumen. You’ll have the chance to socialize with your team over dinner or with the rest of the office at our regular events. You’ll tie in some internal activities around the working day and show that you are trying to be the best you can be. The one consistent, ‘normal’ factor: you’ll learn. Every day, every project.

Outside the office

Away from the office I combine playing cricket for my club in North London with hacking around golf courses. I’ve managed to bolt on some holiday time in New York and Dubai to the projects that I went there on, as well as a break in Copenhagen and trips to Spain and Malta.  When I’m in the office, I make the most of us being in the heart of the best city in the world and, given the relationships we have with our colleagues, I’m never short of people to join me.

Why BearingPoint

We want to learn. We want to be part of a fun, vibrant atmosphere with professionals that get up, get things done and look to do brilliant things. We want to be in an atmosphere where people help each other to develop and set high standards. We want to network. We want to be given the trust to be entrepreneurial but the support to get to where we want our careers to go. We want colleagues that are easy-to-work-with and who have their clients’ interest at the core of what they do. We want a firm that lives by its values, not just puts them on their website. We want a firm with a mission to make a social impact and a funded, supported plan to make that happen. We want to enjoy coming to work and be proud of what we achieve.

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