Meet Fiona

Consultant, Operations

As a new joiner to the world of consulting I do not think I could have chosen a better place than BearingPoint UK.


My Role

My role as a Business Consultant at BearingPoint allows me to take on many roles in one. Firstly, I take on the role of a mathematician, dealing with numbers and plotting processes to understand our client’s business. Secondly, I am required to be creative, putting the data into graphs and diagrams to display outcomes in a clear innovative way. Thirdly, I am a storyteller, leading presentations or team meetings, selling our progress, findings and conclusions to the client. Fourthly, I am a researcher interviewing clients to learn more about their jobs, the challenges they are facing and their opinion on a certain topic or product. Finally, I am at times required to be a politician and understand the politics of the client’s business. Throughout this role I must listen to the client, understand the needs of the project, show empathy and solve the clients’ key challenges.

Normal Day

One of the things I like most about my job is there is no such thing as a “normal day”. Depending on what project I am working on, I may be based in the London office or work on the client’s site. During my first six months I worked on five different projects. The industries I have worked in, range from financial services companies, food retailers to medical device developers (to name a few). In addition to our work for the client, there are a range of opportunities to work on internal projects, for example, helping the marketing department to develop contents for our website, organising internal meetings, providing inductions to new joiners and attending recruiting and industry events. Alongside these events, BearingPoint offer a variety of training sessions to push your development and personal growth.

If you are bored by routine easily, like to be challenged and want to explore a variety of different industries this is the right job for you.

Outside the office

I love travelling (which was another reason why I chose this job), therefore I try to spend as many weekends as possible exploring different cities and countries. Although I do not have to go far to discover new things as London has a lot to offer! In summer, I enjoy visiting the numerous festivals and food markets in the city with my friends. In winter, or on a rainy day I visit the never-ending number of museums, exhibitions and concerts. As a balance to my intellectually challenging work, I enjoy participating in a range of sports such as the gym, running, climbing or skiing. Combined with this, I regularly attend the BearingPoint sports and social clubs’ events which offers fun activities once a month.

Why BearingPoint

As a new joiner to the world of consulting I do not think I could have chosen a better place than BearingPoint UK. The size of our team and the firm is perfect to have all the opportunities and support you need whilst remaining small enough to know everyone in the office and have a family feel. At BearingPoint UK personal development is not just an idea but is promoted by everyone. Whilst there is a huge emphasis on training, the focus is on “on hands” experience and “learning by doing”. I worked on my first project during my second week at BearingPoint and I had direct client contact from the beginning. Although this was a lot of exposure for a newbie like me, I never felt alone due to the great support from my colleagues. For me, this is the best and most important part about working for BearingPoint; working with and learning from open, friendly and inspiring people. We are a very diverse team with many different backgrounds, but we work together extremely well. Even though our job can be demanding, we still are able to have a lot of fun together.

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