Meet Holly Taylor

Holly Taylor

I didn’t follow the traditional consultancy route, as I joined BE 3 years ago after 8 years at Waitrose within Retail, and a stint at BT

My Role

I didn’t follow the traditional consultancy route, as I joined BE 3 years ago after 8 years at Waitrose within Retail Operations, and a stint at BT.

Since joining BE, I have worked on projects from Insurance to Public Sector to Luxury Fashion Brands, doing things I never imagined I would be a part of. One highlight whilst working in these new industries and sectors included working on the US-UK trade negotiation deal within the Department of Trade where I aided the development of a blueprint for how the UK manages trade deals in the post-Brexit world. I have also been lucky enough to attend some great conferences in New York and Berlin learning all about industry trends and insights, whilst meeting new and interesting people from across different businesses and within BE.

My real passion has been Active Manager – a proposition unique to BE which drives operational and business improvement through improving the capability and skillset of managers. This really brought together my passion for people development whilst getting an operational fix.

As a manager, I am responsible for overseeing the day- to- day running of the project alongside handling client issues and managing the project team. This can include ensuring all the team are focusing on their necessary activities whilst also supporting them in their development to achieve their career goals.

Normal Day

I am currently working on a project within a luxury fashion brand, so typically I am going on to client site to sit with the team. The day usually consists of calls with the project team to review current progress and align on key activities which need to take place.

A large part of the job is about stakeholder management- whether that is holding meetings with the client to listen and understand what they need or working with the project team to share ideas, work through problems and build solutions. Here at BearingPoint, we also have the opportunity to work with international BE teams; I am currently working with people from our Paris, Romanian and Shanghai offices. There is a great buzz and sense of comradery when you work on a project, and we often go for dinner, drinks and events after work which are a great way to unwind after a busy week.

One thing about my day is that I do always feel that I make a difference to the client or to the project team- the sense that you are improving things and adding value makes the job incredibly rewarding and gives me huge job satisfaction.

I also run the SC & M community – a network for Senior Consultants and Managers where we hold quarterly “away days” focused on developing our business insights, leadership skills and technical know-how.

Outside the office

Like most, I make the most of living in London so enjoy hitting up new restaurants, bars, and theatre productions. I’m a keen tennis player so try to play pretty regularly and also love an early morning gym class, which I try to squeeze in before work. I have found that it’s really important for me to have regular holidays to unwind, so British Airways and I have become best friends with Tel Aviv and Sicily next on the hit list!

Why BearingPoint

Everyone has different backgrounds, skill sets, and experiences and this is really celebrated at BE and adds to our vibrant culture. Having never worked in consultancy before, I was nervous of how I would be perceived but the BE team were so supportive and helped me quickly learn the ropes.

The size and culture of the firm was also really important to me. The size of the London office is perfect as everyone knows one another, and we work really closely with the other BE offices – I enjoy the opportunity to work with people from a variety of backgrounds and having the ability to travel to do so.

The team here are a great bunch of people as they really are genuine, intelligent, inclusive and a lot of fun. Our London office has a great vibe; Friday beer fridge, monthly social events, charity events and team away days really make you feel like you’re a part of the BE family. Plus the location and the view of the shard never gets old!

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