Meet Jessica Davies

Jessica Davies
Business Consultant

I started working at BearingPoint as an Intern after completing my Mathematics degree at Exeter University

My Role

I started working at BearingPoint as an Intern after completing my Mathematics degree at Exeter University.  A couple of years later, I have been promoted to a Business Consultant.

I have been involved on a range of projects primarily in the GPS and Operations space where I have developed a range of skills – from technical (PowerBI, SQL, Tableau etc) to more core consulting skills (Project Management and soft skills).

On my latest project, I have had a crucial role in supporting my Engagement Manager with the data validation, analytics, and modelling on the project. This involves identifying relationships and patterns and pinpointing emerging trends. I have used a range of software to help do this including SQL, PowerBI, Tableau and Excel.

Outside of my project role, I am chair of the Sports and Social Club (SSC) which I find extremely fun. This role focuses on planning the monthly SSC events, from the Olympic Velodrome, cocktail making or planning a theatre trip!

Normal Day

One of the best things about consultancy is that there is no such thing as a ‘normal day’; every day is different and dependent on the type of project you work on. Days are often a mixture of client interactions, independent work, and team activities in search of the deliverable that our client is after.

Here at BearingPoint, there are a range of opportunities to develop your skill set further – some of these training exercises include anything from differences in methods of working, to supply chain modelling.

Outside the office

Away from the office, I spend as much time as I can with my friends, exploring the many hidden gems of London. I enjoy keeping active and regularly go to the gym or run before/ after work, as a balance to my intellectually challenging work. When I am in the office, I make the most of us being in the heart of the best city in the world and given the relationships we have with our colleagues, I am never short of people to join me!

Why BearingPoint

I never wanted to be just one of a few hundred new joiners in a new company. At BearingPoint, I am not just a number and people are interested in me succeeding in my job.

BearingPoint provides a positive workplace and promotes personal development through training and support, allowing me to prosper and grow my career.

The people and culture at BearingPoint are one of the key factors in providing this friendly, approachable, and innovative team. As everyone at the company wants to help you grow and develop into the best version of yourself, it makes BearingPoint a pretty special place to work.

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