Meet Max

Senior Analyst, Digital & Strategy

As an incoming management analyst, I have had the opportunity to work on cutting edge projects, build my skill set, and collaborate with inspiring people


My Role

As an incoming management analyst, I have had the opportunity to work on cutting edge projects, build my skill set, and collaborate with inspiring people. From redesigning a global retailer’s supply chain network to helping a leading automotive company implement transformational technologies, I have undoubtedly been working on exciting projects. Currently, I am in the process of defining a strategic roadmap to enable an automotive company to use software updates to fix and improve their vehicles remotely. Not only do I find myself in the crux of digital transformation, I am learning how to help companies not become followers, but leaders in their industry. Crucially, these roles have provided me the opportunity to improve my technical and soft skills.

My life as management analyst spans from client related work to internal BearingPoint projects. As with any employee, BearingPoint offers the ability to merge your personal interests with the company’s. As I am interested in Data and Analytics, I have taken up a role that enables me to learn about the capabilities that companys’ need to leverage their data whilst helping BearingPoint develop their Go-To-Market strategy to expand their analytics offerings.

Normal Day

It is difficult to define what a ‘normal day’ is and what it consists of because every day I encounter new challenges. A ‘normal day’ does not consist of the same tasks, but rather a mentality. A mentality to be “on your toes”, creative, and adaptive. I need to be “on my toes” because I am constantly having to learn new aspects of our client’s business all the way from technologies to processes. I need to be creative because for every challenge or problem one encounters, I am responsible for finding a resolution. I need to be adaptive because I need to be comfortable maneuvering in unfamiliar settings and harnessing that environment to quickly deliver value to my client.

Of the various tasks I have been responsible for, I have developed a project plan, supported a business requirement brainstorming workshop, and presented a piece of work to the client. Even though I have had no previous experience in any of these tasks, I am supported by experienced colleagues who happily invest their time to mentor me and help me grow.

Outside the office

Maintaining a work-life balance is key in consulting. During the week, I regularly play football and go to the gym. Socially, I catch up with colleagues for drinks and attend the monthly sports and social events. For example, last time I went tree top climbing with my colleagues followed up with a startup pitch class and drinks. I also prioritise time to nurture my curiosity by attending industry talks and networking events. I can say that BearingPoint truly care about your work life balance, because I am able to balance my sports, social and intellectual sides of my life.

Why BearingPoint

Whilst BearingPoint’s focus on technology and digital transformation was a pulling point for me, I believe the culture that the company cultivates has been key to my growth. The benefit of working in a medium sized consultancy is the ability to form strong and enriching relationships with your peers but also with your mentors. The entrenched culture of stewardship and approachability is what makes my life at BearingPoint so entrusting. Within the embedded mixture of technical and business-minded people, I have been able to improve my technical and data analytical skills because I work side by side with data scientists. The diversity of skill sets coupled with the nurturing environment are what has enabled me to grow and be part of BearingPoint’s growing force in technology and digital transformation.

In addition to the culture, the advantage of working at BearingPoint are the opportunities. Whether on client site or internally, there are always opportunities to expand your experience beyond your functional role. For example, on client site, I have been given the chance to take ownership of a piece of work all the way from creation to delivery to the client. BearingPoint does not limit you to your role but offers you the opportunity to prove yourself and your capabilities. If you are looking for an environment which is vibrant, supportive and stimulating, then this is a place for you!

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