Meet Nordin

Manager, Digital & Strategy – Life Sciences

I joined BearingPoint in 2017, a couple of months after embarking upon the journey of fatherhood for the first time. I have found BearingPoint to be very supportive to parents within the organisation. Not just in terms of the commitment to the mothers and fathers who work in its various offices, but also by understanding the need for flexible work. Parenting is a sensitive issue at the best of times and the increasing demands of parenthood can be challenging. BearingPoint’s flexible working arrangements enable me to pursue an enriching career in consulting, whilst still enjoying a fulfilling home life. In my experience, clients and BearingPoint respect and recognise my need to put family first, but the one golden rule for making it work is to be open about it and manage expectations. As long as you meet client demands, they generally don’t mind where or when you do it!

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