Meet Prachi​ Desai

Prachi​ Desai
Senior Technology Analyst

I am a part of BearingPoint’s growing Salesforce Team and have the opportunity to work on various exciting projects

My Role

I am a part of BearingPoint’s growing Salesforce Team and have the opportunity to work on various exciting projects. As a business analyst, I collaborate with colleagues who are experts in their fields in order to understand business requirements and the transformation of data, whilst gaining experience on digital transition approaches and testing solutions.

My role is not limited to just client related work, but it expands to supporting various internal BearingPoint projects: some examples include assisting senior leaders in setting up marketing and branding strategies, Salesforce practice, helping new-joiners with smooth on-boarding and helping organise activities for the Diversity & Inclusion committee.

Normal Day

A ‘normal day’ for a BearingPoint Analyst consists of facing new challenges and the satisfaction of learning something new. I feel privileged to get direct feedback on my work from senior leaders and learn from their years of experience.

As an analyst I need to be adaptive, as often I need to change the approach to meet new challenges and requirements. A ‘normal day’ for me can therefore be described as a learning curve that aids the development of required analytical skills, creativity, and entrepreneurial thinking.

Outside the office

Being new to London, I spend my weekends exploring the city, socialising with friends, and learning about the different cultures. During weekdays, I like to cook and read fiction.

BearingPoint colleagues have not only helped me to settle in a new job, but also in a new city by suggesting activities and places to explore.

Why BearingPoint

BearingPoint’s Core Consulting Team provides the technical, managerial, and soft skills necessary to shape a successful career in consulting.

I have always felt included and motivated while working at BearingPoint; the monthly socials, catch-ups and variety of training schemes, provide a great platform to network with colleagues. I would say my experience at BearingPoint has provided me with all the necessary exposure to shape my career journey from a graduate to a consultant.

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