Career development

Career development at BearingPoint

At BearingPoint, we hire only the most talented people. We look for those special individuals who have a passion for client service as well as a will to succeed, but it takes more than raw talent to be the best, so BearingPoint works to nurture the capabilities and skills of our people. With us, you will grow personally and professionally working with a diverse range of clients and cooperating with talented colleagues from our offices throughout Europe. We emphasise competency building through formal training and direct project work.

BearingPoint offers a wide array of learning opportunities at each level to support your career and personal development so you can fulfil your potential. Our firm-wide training curriculum comprises a broad range of different programmes starting with “BearingPoint School” for graduate and consultant level joiners. This is an international training week where new hires firm-wide come together to get to know the firm better, to build personal networks and get your career at BearingPoint off to a great start.

Career progression

BearingPoint’s Career Progression Model maps the paths our people take to gain knowledge, build competencies and advance their careers based upon individual interests and career goals. Typically, business and technology graduates join BearingPoint as analysts and progress to consultant and then to senior consultant level. The management path comprises four levels from manager, leading to senior manager, director and, ultimately, partner. Our people take specialised career paths with defined areas of focus, know-how, capability and expertise that allow them to progress through the model at a pace that fits. We will work with you to help you realise your personal and career goals.

Leadership development

Oxford Business School

Created with the Oxford Faculty, the course is tailored for Senior Consultants moving towards management roles. The course is based on Oxford Business School’s highly renowned MBA curriculum, and made relevant to our strategy and the needs of our Senior Consultants.

Through the programme, individuals can accelerate professional growth by building business skills and knowledge in areas such as leadership, strategy, and business management, as well as enhancing opportunities for network growth.

At the end of the course, participants receive certification from Oxford Saïd Business School. The opportunity provides individuals with the confidence of knowing that they’ve developed highest levels of questioning, reasoning, challenging and problem-solving techniques, thus enabling them to flourish as leaders.

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Yale School of Management

Our training at Yale School of Management is the result of a unique partnership with Yale University that provides a world-class innovative leadership experience, exclusively for BearingPoint staff.

The programme offers an enhanced curriculum based on leading-edge management and leadership techniques as well as case studies focused on real-life business challenges, emerging trends and strategic insights and thought leadership. You will also have access to many other leadership, industry, business, technical and solution courses including new manager training, strategic selling, mentoring and personal development.

Yale University in New Haven Connecticut


Develop abroad – our secondment programme

The ‘Develop Abroad’ programme aims to promote developmental mobility across our international offices. The objective of this initiative is to support staff in achieving their full potential by providing opportunities for both personal and career development. While the programme targets Analyst and Consultant levels mainly, there are opportunities for more senior staff also. Secondments are typically 6 and 12 months in duration.