The Future of Work

The Future of Work at BearingPoint

We’re creating an agile workforce, workplace and organisation that meets the needs of our people, our customers, and the business. Our Hybrid Working model recognises that an improved work-life balance can enhance employee motivation, performance, and productivity. The objective of our new Hybrid Working model is to have a positive impact on the wellbeing of our people, to provide a better work/life balance, attract and retain a more diverse workforce and to ensure a positive impact on the environment through reduced commuting and international travel.

Our Hybrid Working Model provides our people with the option to choose – whether it be 2 days in the office, or 4, the choice is entirely based on individual needs. Our Model is based on the principle that whilst each of us understands what is required to support our clients and teams, we also understand the importance of personal welfare and strive to provide freedom of choice.

1. Staff Wellbeing

Increased Job Satisfaction and Work/Life Balance

2. Client Satisfaction

Maintain High Customer Satisfaction Levels

3. Environment

Reduce Our Carbon Footprint

Build a rewarding career