Our clients

At BearingPoint, we’re all about the client – it’s the foundation of our business strategy. We believe that our ultimate sustainable advantage is to achieve higher client satisfaction than our competition. This means investing in clients, adapting and innovating around client needs, and demonstrating measurable value.

We offer clients management and technology skills and expertise based on their particular industries, as well as an ability to adapt our strategic insights to their specific challenges and opportunities. These qualities have led to long-standing relationships with many of the world’s leading commercial and public services organisations.

In the UK our clients include


Long-standing relationships with large OEMs and European automotive manufacturers

Telecoms & media

All the major telco and digital services providers

Financial institutions

A wide range of financial services and insurance organisations

Retail & Manufacturing

Established relationships with the top ten UK retailers. We also work with global manufacturers and companies operating within logistics and distribution


Central government departments and agencies


Footprint in UK utility firms with a primary focus on water, gas and power companies

Our global reach

We currently operate a global network consisting of more than 12,000 people serving clients in over 70 countries. Whenever a client collaborates with BearingPoint they have access to the expertise and experience of our whole network. Our operating model reflects this and calls upon our entire firm, as well as our global alliance network, to be ready and available to team up and help project groups best serve their clients. This means that our people have the opportunity to grow quickly, specialise in expertise, broaden their capabilities and learn from the best in our expansive network of team members, offices, partners and client projects.



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